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FeederCorp is one of North America's most experienced parts feeder manufacturers delivering automation solutions and high-quality products to customers throughout the world under the brand names Feeder Corporation of America, FCA and FeederCorp.

Serving major health care, industrial, and consumer products markets, FeederCorp utilizes advanced engineering expertise and manufacturing methods to yield maximum results and to produce precision-performing products for customers.

FeederCorp has been providing solutions for the automation industry and meeting customers' unique needs for over forty years. FeederCorp remains committed to advancements and upgrades that offer modern procedures and cutting-edge technologies.


Health Care
FeederCorp dedicates operational resources to meet the automation challenges of tightly controlled health care manufacturing environments. Accomplishing highest quality production for exacting environments, FeederCorp meets stringent requirements...
Consumer Products

With extensive history in Consumer Products automation, FeederCorp provides skill, resources and operations geared for top quality production and support of rapid market delivery ...


FeederCorp is one of the most experienced and innovative full-service manufacturer of parts feeding components and assemblies to the Industrial segments, which include: automotive, packaging, appliances, electronics, fasteners, and plastics.

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