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FEEDER BOWLS "S" series Feeder Bowls are 304 stainless, 11 gauge, heli-arc welded, have maximum wear and contamination resistance characteristics, and give a fast, clean, smooth flow. FeederCorp bowls have a straight-wall design which is versatile, easily tooled with single, double or multiple tracks for interior or exterior orientation, and come in sizes ranging from 6" to 60", with clockwise or counter-clockwise flow. Special Purpose bowls or tooling are quoted on request. FeederCorp's experience with a wide range of unique part feeding applications can quickly determine the most efficient, least costly solution to virtually any part feeding and orientation objective.

DRIVE UNITS "DU" series Drive Units provide years of dependable performance with minimum maintenance. Our "DU" series high frequency, 120 cycle electromagnetic drives combines extra speed with greater smoothness in parts handling. "DU" drive units operate at 120 vibrations per second. There are no mechanical wearing parts of any kind requiring frequent maintenance or replacement. Epoxy encapsulated coils are impervious to dirt, dust, moisture and other contaminants.

HOPPERS Three sizes of "SF" series automatic Hoppers satisfy 90% of today's requirements for low-cost, maximum efficiency performance. They are available in 1.5, 3 and 6 cubic foot capacities. Cold rolled, 11-gauge steel is seam welded. An adjustable feed opening allows a variety of parts, differing in size and shape, into the bowl. Epoxy encapsulated coils are impervious to dust, dirt, moisture and other contaminants. Additional models are available through 125 cubic foot capacity, upon request.

LINEAL FEEDERS "LF" series vibratory Lineal Feeders position oriented parts accurately and smoothly for subsequent assembly or packaging. Its low silhouette and compact size provide welcome flexibility to design transport lines in various lengths. Our Model LF100 can handle a track up to 16" long, 4" high with a combination track and piece part mass up to 5 pounds. The "LF" rate of vibration is 7200 per minute with infinite amplitude variation control to regulate speed. Track is solidly mounted to drive bar at three points. Base feet have positive position mounting screw holes.

CENTRIFUGAL FEEDERS "CF" series Centrifugal Feeders are for ultra high -speed, high- volume feeding. Up to 120,000 pieces per hour are oriented and fed with FeederCorp specially engineered high capacity centrifugal feeders. With tremendous capacities, FeederCorp centrifugal feeders handle tapered, conical shaped parts not readily adaptable to other feeding systems. Special torque motors eliminate clutching or other mechanical adjustments and provide quiet, smooth operation and long life.

VIBRATORY LINEAL CONVEYORS "VLMC" series Vibratory Lineal Modular Conveyors solve problems of volume horizontal material or parts transfer. Self-contained "VLMC" modules provide volume materials handling and maximum flexibility at lowest costs. Available in three and six-foot increments, they are easily modified to fit zig-zag routings or turn corners, if desired. Discharge end is slightly higher than the feed end to eliminate physical connections between conveyor platforms. When used with the SF series hopper, "VLMC" conveyor systems operate automatically for long periods without operator attendance. Weight flow capacity from zero to 18 tons per hour. Lineal conveyors change direction easily.... Slight modifications to discharge and feed ends overcome vertical obstacles easily at surprisingly low cost.

BASIC BOWLS FeederCorp produces and maintains a broad inventory of standard, untooled feeder bowls for prompt "off-the-shelf" delivery. You can tool a "blank" FeederCorp feeder bowl to automatically orient and position small parts at the rate you require to get optimum output from your automatic processing and assembly machines with the minimum number of man hours.

COMPONENTS FeederCorp carries a large selection of component/replacement parts for your needs, including Power Controllers, Coil Assemblies, Springs, Spring Lugs, Spring Clamps, Spring Spacers, Bowl Clamps, Rubber Feet, "I" Lamination Bracket Assemblies, Sound Enclosures, Coatings, Mounting Tables, Frames and Vision Systems.

VIBRATORY SORTERS "VS" series Vibratory Sorters reduce handling and are truly versatile. Vibratory sorters speed up and improve the accuracy of inspection sorting and feeding operations. The "VS" series, with a variety of screen sizes, excels in the separation of parts from 1/8" through l" in size. For batch operations, sorting screens interchange quickly. The completely enclosed drive unit mounts under the conveyor track. The variable speed control selector mounts remotely, as shown here, or on either side panel of the unit. When used with the offset SF series hopper, the "VS" sorter operates automatically for long periods without operator attendance.

VIBRATORY DEBURRERS AND POLISHERS "VDP" series Vibratory Deburrers and Polishers provide optimum results at lowest cost. "VDP" series equipment combines unique tumbling and agitation induced by controlled vibration to produce high-quality finishes for parts. "VDP " deburrers and polishers are used with either wet slurry or dry tumbling agents. Degree of finishing is determined by a high-cycle, variable amplitude control in conjunction with media selection. "VDP" bowl material is 304 non-magnetic stainless steel, with exceptionally high resistance to wear and contamination. Interior bowl configuration materials are installed by heli-arc welding. A complete selection of bowl liner polishing cloths and fixtures is offered for individual polishing applications.

COUNTING SYSTEMS "BCS" series Electronic Batch Counting Systems handle 9,999 pieces per batch, at speeds to 6,000 a minute! The ultimate in counting speed and accuracy consistent with low cost is offered in FeederCorp's batch counting systems. Solid-state components provide rugged dependability under demanding conditions. FeederCorp's batch counting systems offer constant visual readout; conveyor monitoring and sequencing circuitry to establish a fully automated, cycling packaging conveyor system; and an impulse response system to insure accurate batch counts against jams, exhausted parts supplies or other reasons.

VIBRATORY PACKERS AND SHAKERS "VP" series Vibratory Packers and Shakers pack more product into less space...in less time. Shipping air is costly...and sometimes damaging to products in transit or storage. "VP" series controlled vibration puts material where there's air...packs bulk merchandise into the optimum container in the least possible time. Reduce packaging costs, eliminate possible transit and storage damage and improve customer acceptance with "VP" vibratory shakers. A wide selection of models is available.

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